Having acupuncture in our clinic is not just receiving a treatment for illness. It also involves taking a journey of cultural transformation in which individuals are empowered to recognize their own healing energy within. In this healing process, we start with identifying minute changes in emotional and physical manifestations, as these signs give us valuable clues for identifying the imbalance and disharmony of body energy. We then synthesize all the subtle signs of imbalance so as to trace to the root of disharmony. In this way we help our clients to discover the cause of their illness, even in the absence of any abnormal medical test. We may then offer acupuncture treatments, alongside with life-style advices, to help our clients to unblock their healing energy and to expel their negative energy, and to regain well-being of the mind and body.
Our philosophy is to facilitate rather than to dictate, to rebalance and harmonize rather than to attack or destroy. We pay full respect to the delicate human body.
Our acupuncture treatment has minimal adverse effects as compared to many drugs. Our pass experience shows that clients with psychosomatic conditions of unknown causes are particularly responsive to acupuncture. These conditions range from infertility, psoriasis, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, depression, menopausal syndrome,  migraine headache and irritable bowel syndrome. Last but not the least, we have also found that acupuncture is very helpful to our clients with musculoskeletal pain.
While we practice acupuncture in the traditional way, we also keep up with the latest development in acupuncture research, which enables us to fine tune our treatment to suit our clients. We believe that acupuncture has many physiological benefits, which form the basis of our treatment success.